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About Us

Walk & Talk Trust was founded for the public benefit, to promote the physical and mental health benefits associated with regular healthy exercise, specifically walking. Through education, targeted support and the establishment of new walking trails, the charity is looking to increase participation in walking activities across all the generations.

Walking Club


The ethos of our walks is one of togetherness and connection, aimed particularly towards :

  • schoolchildren and their families

  • people who find themselves socially isolated or disadvantaged

  • and mental health groups.  


Walking outside with others provides an ideal opportunity to talk and to enjoy social interaction ( sharing ideas, discussing problems and experiences ) which might otherwise be missing from our increasingly busy and technological lives.

Getting children out walking

2 out of every 5 schoolchildren are either overweight or obese by the time they reach age 10. The charity wants to provide schoolchildren with a pair of their own brand-new walking boots and to encourage parents and guardians to provide opportunities for children to go walking and “break in” their new boots outside of school time. Our aim is to make walking more accessible, to bring families together to walk and talk, to boost the sense of wellbeing and to bring a “Big Smile” to a lot of little faces.


The Big Smile

Each year the charity undertakes its main fundraising campaign named "The Big Smile". As a not for profit organisation, all monies raised by The Big Smile will be ploughed into the projects delivered by the charity, improving the lives of beneficiaries in the region.

The Home Walk Project

The Home Walk Project aims to try to get school children and their families to undertake regular walks outside school time in the region. It involves a sticker book, stickers and relevant information regarding the benefits of walking and talking.


Heritage Walks

The charity is looking to help fund the establishment of a series of walks spanning the region, to be known as the Heritage 100. These short walks will encourage people to explore the region and gain a wider awareness of its wonderful countryside, its history and heritage. Families will be able to walk together in new places and discover some of the treasures that exist "on their doorstep".

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